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Color Trend In Spring And Summer 2024: Nutshell Brown

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Nutshell brown is a strong brown tone, which makes people feel warm and secure. In China, given the cautious attitude of consumers, sober and pure colors (such as nutshell brown) will continue to resonate.

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As an important color in the field of interior design and fashion, this classic brown is highly favored by designers. Its color tone does not appear too trendy, but it is more sustainable and durable. As some consumers seek colors with a sense of security and affinity, nutshell brown is bound to attract the attention of such people.


For fashion design, nutshell brown can be used to redefine fashion rules, and nutshell brown can be used for men's and women's sportswear, party wear, and outerwear. Emphasizing the concept of simplification, each product can adhere to labels such as "Eternal Love", "Classic Eternal", and "Suitable for All Seasons".

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